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The Genge Press is a small press set up in 2004 by Sue Lloyd, BA, MPhil., to publish books by or about Edmond Rostand, creator of the play Cyrano de Bergerac.

We also publish books of local interest, and a few selected other authors.

Any of our titles may be purchased commercially or direct from the Genge Press. If you live in the UK or wish to pay in pounds sterling, please send us your name and address, along with a cheque for the correct amount, including postage. We can also send books all over the world and accept all major currencies, via the secure PayPal server. There is no need to be a signed-up user of Paypal to use this service, nor will Paypal contact you again. Simply email us with your order, and your name and address. The book(s) will be posted to you and you will be invoiced for the price of the book and postage costs by PayPal.

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A summary of Rostand's life. [see Rostand]


THE MAN WHO WAS CYRANO – A Life Of Edmond Rostand, Creator Of Cyrano De Bergerac, by Sue Lloyd

This was our first title, published in 2003 in collaboration with Unlimited Publishing, Bloomington, USA. The UK edition was published in January 2007. The book has been well-received by both general and academic readers. Reviews and comments may be read on this website. [see Biographies]


CHANTECLER, play in four acts in verse, by Edmond Rostand: text in French, notes, chronology and introduction in English by Sue Lloyd. Published in February 2010. [see Plays]


THE TWO PIERROTS or THE SUPPER IN WHITE (Les Deux Pierrots ou Le Souper Blanc) a verse translation by Thom Christoph of Edmond Rostand’s witty curtain-raiser

Published in January 2007. This delightful three-hander has been a favourite with amateurs and already reveals Rostand’s talents. [see Plays]


THE WOMAN OF SAMARIA (La Samaritaine) NEW in 2012

A prose translation by Philippa Gerry and Sue Lloyd of Rostand's verse drama about the conversion of the Samaritan woman, as told in John IV, 1-32. [see Plays] To be published with Don Juan's Final Night [see below], also by Edmond Rostand, as Sacred and Profane Love: two plays by Edmond Rostand.


POEMS by Brigid Somerset, published in November 2004

These original poems are on their second printing. [see Poetry]


THE ANARCHIST GEOGRAPHER: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE LIFE OF PETER KROPOTKIN, by Brian Morris, Professor Emeritus at Goldsmith’s College London. [see Biographies]


MINEHEAD HARBOUR AND QUAYTOWN: available from 15th September 2012 [see Local History]

Bibliography of the works of Edmond Rostand

Including translations into other languages. [see Bibliographies]

Bibliography of the works of Christopher Fry

Compiled for this website to honour our own English verse dramatist. [see Bibliographies]


DON JUAN'S FINAL NIGHT, by Sonia Yates and Sue Lloyd. A translation of Edmond Rostand's La Dernière Nuit de Don Juan [see Plays]






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